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Shop floor data collection

It´s impossible to manage production without information

“To manage” means that the outcome matches the requirement. If the current status isn´t clear it´s impossible to manage a business. System OKdata provides you precise and reliable information about the shop floor process status in detail. Additionally, the status information is being provided in high quality, and without administrative help.

The way of collecting data

Forget the times when a certain person loaded the data into the system at the end of the work shift. With Okdata, the shop floor status data is being continuously uploaded into the system by the workers who carry out the manufacturing operation.

We can even say that the reports from the manufacturing company become a part of shop floor process. Reports contain information not just about manufacturing operations, like the start and end of set-up, the start of the work, the end of an operation for a product, but these reports can also track machine status, like the beginnings of defects, their reasons, and when they have been solved.

Supposing that the data is entered into the system immediately, you will be provided with “up-to-date status” reflecting the tasks being done. You don´t have to go personally to the shop floor to obtain the data or check on the truth of the incoming data.

Correct information

You may doubt quality of information entered into the system by the shop floor workers.

The system of controls, which is modified for the customer’s needs, ensures 100% reliability on entered data. Besides common verification of identification, manufacturing operation, and machine, the system also controls the manufacture flow, or the quantity of pieces undergoing the operations. Furthermore the system verifies or discounts shop floor reports depending on machine status. Built-in controls can be tough on those who are willing to report all the events, but brings reliable and solid shop floor evidence, which is their purpose.

Result effect

There are a number of result effects of quality data collection.

  • The collection of evidence on semi-finished production is under control.
  • All products in the factory are accounted for because everyone knows where the product needs to go next.
  • The inventory of semi-finished production is easier.

But there are two fundamental effects:

  1. Reliable information for driving production in every moment.
  2. As a result of increasing interest in running the production process and machine status, the work production will improve and the time of machine disruptions will be reduced.

Selected references

PROVIS company provided the data collection system in several versions, essentially to every customer using AHP Leitstand, the system for operative planning and controlling of production. See below one of our projects:

PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws s.r.o.

Dynamically progressing PILANA TOOLS with its 650 employees belongs to the largest tools producer in Europe. Tools are being made out of the finest quality steel according to DIN and ISO standards. Quality is carefully monitored through each step of production.

Over 60% of the tools are exported to industrial countries such as Germany, USA, France and Great Britain. Systematic attention is given to the improvement of production and automation, which connects with longstanding know-how and low expenses to bring up high quality products at favourable price.

The company has used the AHP Leitstand since 2001 for operative production management. In 2004 this system has been enhanced with the data collection system OKdata. Mr. Tobola, the PILANA SAWS director, evaluates both products with these words:

„Today we just smile at past difficulties with planning what to do next during the shift and what is already done at the moment. A system, being informed, making order in, and realizing the production process were highly appreciated while getting our certification in ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 standard“.