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Business management solution

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV?

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV is a business management solution developed especially for small and middle-sized companies that are searching for one solution to increase their productivity without affecting everyday activities.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV can be easily adapted for customers needs, and is simple to use and maintain. Thanks to its open interface and wide application functionality, Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV shortens the decision making process while enabling you to react to new competition and to achieve new market opportunities quickly.

Sure investment and future guarantee

Microsoft Dynamics NAVTM is a business management solution that is, because of its usefulness, being used by more than 50,000 companies in over 40 countries. Also, more than 900 companies in the Czech and Slovak Republics are using of this software.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV history goes back to 1980´s, when a system called NAVISION was introduced in Denmark. The evolution and expansion to the American market of NAVISION peaked in the 1990´s.

One of the key moments for NAVISION was the sale of the whole system to Microsoft in 2002. Microsoft´s purpose is to unite all the ERP solutions in the Microsoft portfolio (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL) into one integrated product, Microsoft Dynamics, for the purpose of making the top 1ERP solution.

The development of Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV will continue until at least 2015 Microsoft´s vision is to provide full support for their product versions for 5 years from the time of their release. All of that combined with the wide range of partners assures your investment into this business management solution.

A complex and integrated solution

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV is a complex and fully integrated solution that supports all of the processes of business production. Starting with CRM (Customer relationship management), through sales activities, supply chain, production management, and ending with after-sales service, all of these parts are integrated with accounting, and are completed with business analysis and e-business.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV can be used for the international environment not only to support your business, but also for your subsidiary companies. You can manage any number of companies that you own with just one licence.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV is integrated with other Microsoft products. Integration provides both highly easy data exchange with the office applications such as Word or Excel, and takes advantage of server products like BizTalk server (Business to business data exchange), SharePoint server (shared workspace), etc.

On the top of that, Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV has quite a number of Microsoft certified add-on modules produced by the company´s partners.

Vertical solutions for Manufacturing Corporations

The partner company PROVIS focuses on providing Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV to companies that specialize in custom and short-run manufacturing production, and eventually into electro-technical production.

these users we have developed a number on add-on modules to simplify the typical vertical processes. Some of these modules are:

  • extended job-order shop floor management
  • extended analysis of single manufacture components through time
  • extended costs calculations
  • interface with CAD systems
  • extended cooperation management
  • extended monitoring of actual manufacture costs
  • shop floor data collection using universal product coding
  • etc.

We continually enlarge our add-on modules portfolio according to our customers’ needs and requests.

Selected references

PROVIS Company has provided Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV for a number of firms in Czech Republic and abroad. Set up and continuous support is carried out by a stable experienced team of certified consultants and programmers.

NTS Prometal Machining s.r.o.

The firm NTS Prometal is a part of Netherlands holding company NTS-Group and resides in Slavičín town in the Zlín region. They offer to their customers a wide spectrum of manufacture choices in the processing of tithing metal and other materials, processing metal plate pieces, and building block layouts using top technologies. They export over 80% of their production, especially to Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Austria and other countries.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV has been used by NTS Prometal for business process management since 2004. With Microsoft DynamicsTM the company runs marketing activities, manufacture planning and management including technical documentation, sales, and distribution. The system is enhanced with shop floor planning and management system called AHP Leitstand.

NTS Prometal director, Ing. Miroslav Štrauf says:

„There is always a lot to improve. But what delights me especially is a potential, that we gained by replacing redundant administration by working with information. The efficiency is influenced not only by utilizing manufacture equipment, but it starts even in offices, in contact with customers and in fulfilling business commitments.”

ROBE Lighting s.r.o.

ROBE Lighting s.r.o. is the fastest to grow lighting engineering producer in the world. They produce quality intelligent lighting projectors for show business and architectonics. This company´s products were used for lighting the Autoshow, Peking 2008; Miss Universe Slovakia, 2008; Celine Dion´s tour “Taking chance” etc.

Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV has helped ROBE Lighting (including its trade agency in Great Britain) to manage business processes since 2005. Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV covers company´s marketing activities, manufacture planning, and management including technical documentation, sales, and distribution. The system is enhanced with Business Analytics for manager analysis of primarily commercial data. Currently the information system is being also extended with data collection system in inventory control.

ROBE Lighting production manager Mr. David Orság says:

“I think the greatest Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV advantage is in the integration of formerly used systems to the one complex that is available for all departments. Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV has eased our way to our customers. Today, our reactions to customers’ requests are far faster than before and we are able to promise realizable delivery terms in few minutes while talking to customer on the phone. Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV provides an open access to accurate information about goods availability; every customer request is answered almost instantly.”

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