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28.1.2010 AHP Leitstand, version 7, on the market.

Version 7 of the AHP Leitstand was released for the market in January 2010 in German and English languages. The release of Czech version is expected until May, 31st. Version 7 brings to the customers new standard module for cost calculation, comparison of setup times and durations from neutral routings with booked values and several more improvements. Version 7 of AHP Leitstand is Windows 7 ready.

22.01.2010 Specialization in Microsoft product licensing

PROVIS company is preparing an extension of provided services for the year 2010 with a range of consulting and providing licenses of Microsoft products. An essential step towards this scope has been taken by successful completion of licensing courses, gaining a certificate in „Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Small and Medium Organizations“.

Should you be interested in consultation in the area of Microsoft product licensing, don´t hesitate to contact us.

30.12.2009 Going to live in INGE Opava in accordance with the schedule

Planning and controlling of the shop floors of INGE Opava project was finished according to scheduled date and within the project budget. Project was lasting 6 months and the results of it are detailed plans of the production for each production resource as well as data collection about work-in-progress and breakdowns. Production planning is closely connected with the company information system QI into one integrated system. The project was accomplished with a support of European Union within the frame of Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation – Innovative project.

17.12.2009 The best solution provides PROVIS.

HESTEGO s.r.o. is the one of the most important Czech and Europe manufacturer of protective components for moving parts of machining tools. In 2009 company headquarters decided to increase their productivity by implementing a specialized capacity planning system. Company opened tender, in which took part leading Czech suppliers of capacity planning systems. As the best solution for HESTEGO has been chosen capacity planning system AHP Leitstand provided by PROVIS s.r.o.

13.10.2009 Along with ROBE lighting expansion well proved Microsoft Dynamics NAV extends as well


Rožnov company DIOFLEX deals with designing, producing and fixing printed conductors. One of its most significant customers is its controlling company ROBE lighting.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV implemented by the PROVIS team of consultants has approved for processes support in ROBE lighting through several recent years. As ROBE lighting gained majority ownership in DIOFLEX both companies decided to implement business solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV in DIOFLEX as well. The scope of the project is to cover demands of expansion in sales department and volume of production reliably and with longer – term perspective.

Works have started already and will be finished quite soon – in less than 4 months, which is highly appreciated mark of the project. By the beginning of 2010 the new system in DIOFLEX is going to be completely ready to use.

02.09.2009 Are you tired of static presentations?
Come to see a live demonstration of integrated information system!

Monday 02.09.2009 at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm at our presentation stand B 83 is going to take place the live demonstration of solution of integrated information system. We are going to show a possibility of supporting business processes of a sample company with custom and short-run production briefly. Frame content of the demonstration:

  • 1. The sales manager makes changes in a sales order (verifies company´s capability to accomplish the requested deliver date, sends the order forward to production processes etc.)
  • 2. The purchase manager supplies the production order with needed material.
  • 3. The stock keeper receives the goods using mobile device (The on-line information flow sets the production planning going directly)
  • 4. The planner prepares the plan of the day for the shop floor (way to solve overruns operatively, way to plan, the printout of task queue including barcode etc.)
  • 5. The shop floor worker reports his accomplished work using shop floor terminal.
  • 6. The sales manager exposes possibilities to trace the product profitability.

Accept our invitation to the prepared demonstration and pick a timing that suits your schedule. We are looking forward to meet you.

We believe that the live illustration of our solution is going to provide you better image of a possible solution of your business processes.

16.07.2009 PROVIS supports production in Provimi Pet Food CZ

We participate in implementation of corporate solution in Provimi Pet Food CZ Company with our partner AXIOM SW s.r.o.

Provimi Pet Food CZ is a subsidiary of Dutch multinational company Provimi Pet Food and copes with production and sales of fodder for dogs and cats of Brasa, Propesko and Reno brands and fodder for small rodents and parrots.


Enhancement of business solution Microsoft dynamics NAV in Provimi Pet Food CZ with supplements for food and feed processing industry is going to be realized by vertical solution ProBus, implemented to all members of Provimi holding and by support of information system in the area of production by PROVIS consultants.

29.6.2009 PROVIS helps INGE Opava to prepare their expansion.


At the end of June PROVIS subscribed a contract to implement system for shop floor planning and management with one of the most signifiant czech producers of fluorescent lifting, INGE Opava. The contract was subscribed on account of tender, in which a number of prestigious companies took part. The quote of PROVIS was evaluated as the most optimal among the quotes of the other companies.

The project is going to resolve shop floor planning, taking into account not just production appliance capacities, but number of workers and specialized preparations as well. The project scope is to prepare INGE Opava for planned expansion. The project realization time is outlined for six months. The project is being accomplished with a support of European Union within the frame of Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation – inovative project.


28.5.2009 Seminar „Integrated system in use”

28th May 2009 we realized a seminar “Integrated system in use” in partnership with Microsoft s.r.o. In the introduction Ing. Petr Hampejs from Microsoft presented the vision of Microsoft Dynamics NAV product. After introducing PROVIS Company we presented an illustration that showed a variant of supporting business process with information system:

  • 1. The sales manager made changes in existing sales order (a customer requested another pieces of an ordered product). Along with that we have shown how the salesman verified company´s capability to accomplish the requested deliver date, sent the order forward to production processes and made sure there´s enough capacity available in production.
  • 2. The purchase manager supplied the production order with material needed and therefore generated purchase orders.
  • 3. The stock keeper received the goods using mobile device. The on-line information flow set the production planning going directly.
  • 4. The planner prepared the plan of the day for the shop floor using a graphic planning board. We have sketched a possibility of solving overruns operatively, have shown the way to plan, the printout of task queue including barcode etc.
  • 5. The shop floor worker reported his accomplished work using shop floor terminal and barcodes. At the same time we have pointed to the integration with the other system components, as the report immediately displayed.
  • 6. Finally we got back to the salesman, who exposed possibilities to trace the product profitability. We´ve presented couple user creatable analysis and their graphical form.

Next part of the seminar was speech of delegates of our customer PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws spol. s r.o. - Ing. Jaroslav Tobola, the executive director and Ing. Marek Sovadina, the planning manager, who shared their experience with presented system.

PILANA had implemented the specialized system components in 2003 (shop floor planning solution), in 2004 (shop floor data collection) and in 2007 (mobile warehouse data collection/management). Read some acquisitions of their realization for PILANA below:

  • number of orders realized after the planned deliver date decreased from 23 to 6%
  • the business achievement increased by 8% with current lessening work time from 6 to 5 days a week
  • lower amount of unproductive time
  • interactive input of production and machine failure data by workers
  • keeping an eye on production and status of machine equipment daily
  • indispensability for business management, quick acceptance of the way of data collection by the shop floor
  • the productivity of labour increased by 18%
  • quality information about location of products in the stock
  • system suggests suitable locations to store products
  • system leads stock keepers while delivering from warehouse

Products and technologies used in the presentation

All the functions shown at the seminar were based on products and technologies as follows:

  • business solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • shop floor management of production AHP Leitstand
  • shop floor data collection OKdata VYROBA
  • mobile warehouse management OKdata SKLAD

Partners, whom we´d like to thank for cooperation with organization and for participating

Partneři, kterým děkujeme za spolupráci s přípravou semináře a za účast


Bartech, s.r.o. Bartech, s.r.o.
PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws spol. s r.o. PILANA TOOLS Wood Saws spol. s r.o.

Evaluation and thanks to the participants

According to participants valuation the seminar fulfilled their expectations. Very positive acceptance was addressed to the form of seminar and to the presentation of PILANA sharing their experience and achieved results.

We would like to thank all of the participants and we are looking forward to next appointment and cooperation.

We will be thankful for your opinions. Please, Contact us, if you like.

11.3.2009 Do you plan production in Excel? You don’t have to anymore.

Use our special offer of AHP Leitstand light shop floor production planning system with an appealing price.

The offer contains:

  • Capacity planning into limited resources (backward, forward, centre oriented)
  • Visualisation of plan and resource status
  • Automated calculation of the influence that shop floor reports have on draft plan and its visualisation
  • Integrated Production booking
  • Routings
  • Work Order Management
  • Production orders import from external data source
  • Shop floor reports import from external data source
  • 5 days training/consultations, extension possible

The system for planning can be supplemented with product OKdata for direct production data collection with barcodes.

AHP Leitstand light can be upgraded to full version of product AHP Leitstand. The price for AHP Leitstand light is 36% of price for AHP Leitstand with the same configuration !!! Contact us for more details.

20.1.2009: Shop floor data collection with no investments

Do you need to collect the data from the manufacturing process and don´t want to buy the solution? You don´t have to. PROVIS has prepared a possibility for you to lease the service.

In the leasing you will get needed software, technical equipment, technical resources and consultant services. The solution is based on product OKdata VYROBA and can be integrated with ERP that your business uses. For detail information about the product or about the offer to finance it, contact us using a form or send an email.

1.1.2009: Mobile data collection in ROBE lighting s.r.o.

The original impulse was an effort of ROBE lighting to improve and automate warehouse processes and set up an evidence of warehouse items with distinction of detail locations – called bins. The result is implementation of solution OKdata SKLAD by PROVIS.

The whole project was realized in the second half of 2008 following up the central information system Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV, which ROBE lighting has used since 2005.

The warehouse work has been equipped with UNITECH devices with operation system Windows CE together with bar-code readers. These readers have installed PROVIS application that communicates directly with the central system Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV. The implementation included number of activities as necessary changes in warehouse processes organisation, training for single stock keepers or preparation and data transfer from ordinary stock to controlled warehouse.

Several months later the project is being appreciated very positively – 4 stocks use 12 bar-code readers with touch displays total, while both stock keepers and the company management are satisfied with the result.

Administration bound to the warehouse transactions has become easier; work has become very operative and returns practically no mistakes. The evidence precision of warehouse items locations and the ability to track the serial numbers has increased.

1.12.2008: Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV 2009

1. 12. 2008 a new version of business solution Microsof DynamicsTM NAV 2009 was officially released for customer distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 means mostly radical change of technology background of the product and upgrades it to full 3-Tier Architecture open for communication with other systems based on web services. The users can experience new Role Tailored Client, made according to analysis among thousands information systems end users, that reacts to their means of daily work. The Role Tailored Client aspires to achieve users´ productivity in their work.

Currently the new version of business solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is available for users in countries of the “Group 1” (e.g. UK, US, DE etc.); the Czech localization is coming during the year 2009. For more information link to Microsoft product pages or Contact our specialists.

25.11.2008: Easier than an ATM cash withdrawal

At the end of November 2008 project OKdata (data collection with a net of data shop floor terminals) in ZPA Pečky Company was evaluated.

According to Mr. Vojvoda, company’s director, the project has met the original expectations: “I have verified”, Mr. Vojvoda says, “that this way of data collection is required by everyone – shop floor workers and masters, scheduler, and management. Thanks to the continuous shop floor reports we always have the up-to-date accurate information and we release correct and real plans for the shop floor. As one of our shop floor workers says, today form of shop floor reports is easier than an ATM cash withdrawal.”

15.11.2008: Armouring cars with the support of AHP Leitstand

At the end of October 2008 we signed a contract for operative planning and management of shop floor production in the SVOS, spol. s r.o. company, specialized in armouring cars, mainly unit production.

Project key goal is to create shop floor plans fast and simply, taking several factors into account; as real shop floor capacities, availability of shop floor workers and demands for sufficient shop floor space. The shop floor plans are to be made up with differentiation of single workers and work shifts. Work and machine failures reports have to be carried out by the universal product coding.

The specific of this project is significant part of handiwork including even mounting/demounting operations. The production depends on the number of workers, their qualification, and is limited by the working space, which is necessary for realizing the operation. That´s why the working space is considered as a limiting factor of the shop floor process and it has to be taken into account.

The project includes not just delivery of particular program equipment, but consulting service as well, which will be the key factor to make the project successful.

20.10.2008: Finishing the realization of project „Planning and management of production in Glatt Pharma company“

The project started with a purpose to empower Glatt Pharma Company in order to react quickly to the customer requests and to the shop floor changes.

Related demand was enabling to make qualified decisions about shipment terms, to objectify decision making process of changes in workload for the work sources and transfer from planning production to its real managing in the current moment.

After 9 months of cooperation of PROVIS and Glatt Pharma workers the project manager of Glatt Pharma Ing. Jan Hering characterizes its result:

“Our ability to react to the changes in production and to the changes of customer requirements has strongly improved with implementation of the production planning. We converted from subjective creating of workloads for single workplace to objective task queues, which are being made for every production source.

The task queues are being made for shifts and workdays in limited capacities having regard to material availability, coordinating sequence of production operations and contain production of “details”, which were previously part of the plan entirely as a number of required hours.

Another result of the project is more fluent production, more equal loading the production capacities and general clearance of the production process.

20.09.2008: Participation of PROVIS at the International Industry Fair from the 15th through 19th of September, 2008

This year, 2008, as well as in past years, PROVIS Company participated in the 50th year of the International Industry Fair in Brno.

Our exhibition in pavilion B showed the planning and management of production news to the concerned persons – both as a part of the complex business solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV and in the form of operative shop floor management AHP Leitstand and manufactory data collection OKdata.

We demonstrated our products in full configuration at our stand. We intended to provide examples of their usage possibilities to solve daily problems while managing production companies. The fact that these difficulties are current in many corporations was made evident by the number of people who visited our stand.

20.09.2008: Seminar “All that you need for planning and management of production”

The seminar “All that you need for planning and management of production”, that we coordinated in partnership with Microsoft ČR Company, took place in the comfortable marble Loose Hall on the 16th of September, 2008.

Several speakers covered themes of production planning and management:

  • Ing. Petr Dvořák (PROVIS): problems with planning of production in businesses; operative shop floor planning and management through AHP Leitstand; data collection through OKdata – universal product coding.
  • Ing. Jan Krchák (PROVIS): a business production solution through the enterprise planning resources (ERP) system Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV.
  • Ing. Petr Hampejs (Microsoft Business Solutions); the future, development, and a guarantee of the product Microsoft DynamicsTM NAV
  • Ing. Lenka Heczková (PNO Consultants): possibility to apply for financial donation for the information system area, through the program „ICT v podnicích“ (ICT in businesses).

Seminar visitors acquired full concepts of complex solutions for production planning and management of a manufacturing business. The visitors showed their interest through the number of questions asked during the discussion with the speakers.

We would like to thank all of our visitors and we are looking forward to another chance to meet them at our coming events.